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“[…] I am struggling to say co-writers/co-directors/co-producers Aaron Granlund and S.M. Huet’s 4-minute short film can be given, well, any overall kudos. While I could understand the grand concept, I just found it immensely difficult to accept its low-budget execution, 80’s neon plus overtly surreal visual presentation, and general lack of actual cohesiveness in the themes being offered. Basically, so many of the factors that I can usually forgive faults within were just far too tedious here for even my often lenient tolerances.

As to the acting found here, well, again it just wasn’t up to snuff to me, even for a low-budget production. While it could be intended, given the nature of the lead character and his story, that performances would be purposely drab or just unengaging, everything here involving acting just totally fell short by even those standards. I am certainly not expecting perfection or Oscar noms here, but nothing made me want to rave about anyone. The unfortunate attempts at even what could have perhaps been construed as slapstick-level goofiness/silliness fell into such non-comedic form for me, I wasn’t laughing, but rather scratching my head wondering what just happened. I’d like to believe I can comprehend even some forms of veiled humor, but still nothing. In total, “Working Class Mozart” became an example of, maybe, good intentions and experimental filmmaking falling well short of the goal.”

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